Backstage Pageing

At a Glance

Throughout the rooms surrounding the rooms surrounding the auditorium exist small monaural speakers and wall mounted volume controls. This is the backstage paging system. This is connected to a 70 Watt amplifier in the auditorium control booth and patch panel A-L. Only one of the four inputs are connected to the paging amp, a feed from the auditorium main mix through Matrix out 3. At this time there is no separate backstage page microphone but you can route the god mic out to Matrix 3. 

There are 5 speakers connected to the backstage page system. The first is in the auditorium control booth. This one remains on unless modified by a user so the backstage page feed can be monitored and checked. The next speaker resides in the old ticket booth (now Brian O'Connell's office). The ticket booth speaker remains off. Next there is a speaker in the band wing hallway. This speaker (for some reason) is physically located in the ceiling but is still audible.  The last two speakers are located in the band and chorus rooms.

Powering Up

Start by switching the page amp on. The power button is located to the right of its control panel.

Now you need to switch on the speakers, this requires you to physically go to each speaker location.

Start by making sure that the auditorium control room speaker is on (is usually is at max volume). 

Next turn on the band hallway speaker, turn the knob on the wall from 0 (Labeled as "Off") to the desired volume. Because this is a paging system and is designed to get peoples attention, a louder volume is usually ideal. Turning the volume to 10 and then adjusting the master volume control from the booth is a good practice in most cases.

Lastly turn on the band and chorus room paging speakers. Turn the knobs in both rooms from the 0 or off position to 10 or lower.


Once you have switched on the paging speakers at each desired location return to the control room and look at the paging amp. This is where you can adjust the master volume output of the system and select what sources you want to send to the paging speakers.

The knob labeled "Audi Feed" corresponds to the Matrix 3 output from the mixer. If you do not want to send the auditorium audio feed or selected feed from the mixer to the page system turn this knob down to its lowest level. 

You may notice the bass and treble controls at the bottom of the page amp's front panel. These you should not touch in most cases. The paging speakers have a very district design and that is to amplify voice, not high fidelity sound. The bass and treble knobs have been adjusted already to get the best sound from the paging speakers. 

Connections & Signal Flow

A diagram will be here eventually.