The Auditorium For General Use

Before you begin:

Have you scheduled the auditorium? 

Even if the space may appear empty those who have already booked the venue have priority even if they are not there. You must book the auditorium for any and all use two weeks in advance.

Be sure you review the space policies as well.


When entering through the main entrance of the auditorium, immediately to your right with be a small control panel for switching on the lights. Select the "ON" button to  switch on only the ceiling mounted house and walk on lights.

On, and Presets 1 through 4 are used for different general purpose applications, they are:

ON: Switches house and walk-on lights on.

OFF: Switches all lights off, select this preset once you are done with the space.

🔽: The down button will lower the house lights once a preset is selected. Lets say you are watching a movie, start from the 'ON' preset and press 🔽 untill you have dimmned the lights to your preference. Once you need the lights back up, press 'ON' twice in rapid succession. 

If you need lighting more specific, do not use the lighting control panel in the booth. Please see the IT support office instead.


In pit are of the auditorium is a podium and black AV cart. Attached to the podium is a microphone with a short cable.

The AV cart to the right of the podium contains a computer and small audio mixer. 

To turn up the volume of the microphone turn the knob labeled "MIC"

To turn up the volume of the computer, Blue-Ray/DVD player, or any other device connected to the projector, turn up the knob labeled 'COMP-DVD'.

If you need a second microphone or are having issues with the audio do not attempt to modify or change this setup, see the IT support office instead.

Projector & Screen

Switch the projector on by pressing the 'ON' button on the control panel for two seconds located on the AV cart. The projector will turn on and the screen will lower simultaneously.

Once you are done, press the 'OFF' button on the same control panel for two seconds. The projector will turn off and the projector screen will roll up.

There is no need to use the manual projector screen control backstage or the wireless remote (no longer kept with the cart). These are backup systems. 

The button that looks like a computer will switch the projector back to the inputs on the floor cart. The 'Display Off' button simply blanks out the image on the projector screen and does NOT turn the projector system, off.

Using the Computer or Connecting Your Own

The cabinet of the AV cart has a Windows based PC for use at your convenience. You may login using your BowNET username and password. 

If you bring your own laptop you may connect it using the HDMI cable found on the podium.  There are adapters avalible to convert from USB-C or Mini DisplayPort if you do not have an HDMI output. Both audio and video passes through the HDMI cable, no need to connect another audio cable. 

Upon connecting a laptop over HDMI the projector will automatically switch to it.. If you disconnect the HDMI Cable the projector will switch back to the computer on the AV Cart. 

If you are having issues with either the PC on the AV cart or connecting your laptop see the IT support office, do not start tampering with things on the AV Cart.

Other Information

Once you are Done:

Now that you are done using the auditorium switch off the log out of the computer or disconnect the one you brought with you. Be sure to switch off the projector (to preserve it's lifespan) and raise the screen by pressing the 'Off' button on the projector control panel. On your way out click the "OFF" button on the lighting control panel to save energy. Lock the door with your staff keys.

You must leave the auditorium with everything you brought in with you per the Carry in, Carry out  policy. 

Remember, the auditorium is used by everyone as a venue, classroom,  and collaborative space, on most weeks its used almost every day.

If you experienced any technical issues or bugs during your use of the auditorium notify the IT support office.