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SAU 67

The Bow School District uses the BHS auditorium almost every day. Weather its for classes, meeting, concerts, performances, or school board meetings. There have been countless successful events for other 30 years. Even other schools in the district will choose the auditorium for their event as it provides enough seating for everyone, theatrical lighting, and a powerful and versatile sound system. 

Town of Bow

The Town of Bow has had a long standing relationship with SAU67 and the Auditorium. Every town hall since 1997 has been held at the Auditorium. The town appreciates the space and its amenities and the townspeople appreciate the comfy seating for long budget meetings. Meetings that require addition spaces beyond the Auditorium are no problem. The auditorium can be linked up to other rooms in the school such as the Gym and Café by AV over IP infrastructure. Town meetings are made a little more bearable thanks to the auditorium.


As part of an episode of MTV Made that was being produced at Bow High School (watch it here), MTV hosted a battle of the bands in the BHS Auditorium. This was a special case as specific lighting and sound requirements where needed as the television episode was being recorded live during the event. The battle of the bands was an overwhelming success and made it into the final cut of the episode.

Pete 2020

As part of their campaign the Pete 2020 team chose Bow High School auditorium as part of their New Hampshire tour. The BHS Auditorium provided the lights and internet connection, and Events United from Derry New Hampshire was brought in by the campaign to handle audio. The auditorium provided a fantastic atmosphere that allowed then Mayor Pete to connect with voters. It made for a memorable campaign speech and Q&A with voters. 

Video Courtesy MVS

Dartmouth Hitchcock

Partnering with Thinkfast Interactive and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Dartmouth Hitchcock and ThinkFast put on a trivia style driver safety quiz event for Bow High School and Belmont High School students. Thinkfast Interactive brought in a full set and projection system with the Auditorium stage providing more than enough space to fit it all and plenty of power. The end results was a memorable experince that left an impression on the students for drivers safety.

Photo Courtesy ThinkFast Interactive

SNHU Wind Symphony Orchestra

In collaboration with BHS Preforming Arts the SNHU Wind Symphony Orchestra preformed a concert featuring covers of themes and OSTs from popular video games, movies, and television shows. Lighting design and video projection was key for this event. Finding a balance between lighting to dimly show the performers and musicians and light their music sheets but not to take away from the accompanying video projection. The end result was an exciting performance with music filling the room.

Concord Chorale

When the Concord Chorale was looking for a medium sized venue to fit a 100+ person chorus and a 40 piece orchestra the BHS Auditorium was the right choice. Load in of their large stage risers was made easy by the gound level loading dock and garage door. The high school had plenty of room backstage and in other parts of the building to accomidate everything preforming. The space and acoustics where perfect for such an event.