Path Lighting

At a Glance

For when the lights are out for movies, the case of a power failure, or emergency the pathway lights are there to help. Throughout the auditorium are small lights mounted to the side of every other isle seats (alternating sides) that light up the pathways of isle between groups of seats. There are also larger pathway lights that light up the pathway Infront of the tier apron and the two staircases to the tired seating area.

NOTICE: Its is important to have these lights on especially during larger events or events where the house lights are off. It serves as a SAFETY FEATURE of the auditorium.

Switching on the Path Lights

There are three light switchse that all must be turned on in order for the path lights to work.

Their location... the old ticket booth (Now Mr. O'Connell's office) because that makes sense right? When you walk into the ticket booth they will be to your left in a three gang power switch box as shown here. Switch them all into the up position power on all the path lights. All 40 seat lights will turn on and all 8 walkway lights will illuminate.