Chairs, Tables, Risers, & Shell

All Counts are approximate as tables and chairs are borrowed throughout the building.

Use of furniture listed here must be made upon request & coordination with scheduling prior to the event.

Tan Folding Chairs

Approximately 230 Uline Economy Tan Folding Chairs folding chairs on three storage carts.

Chairs are all aluminum with no cochin seating, chairs are not numbered.

For audience and seating use only not on the stage.

Large Blue Folding Tables

Approximately 35 Folding Tables on 3 Rolling Carts.

Tables have blue laminate tops with black trim and legs.

8 Feet Wide, 3 Feet Deep, 30 Inches Tall. Not height adjustable.

Black Stacking Performer Chairs

Approximately 117 Wenger Student Stackable Music Chairs on Carts.

Chairs are not numbered, ideal for seating on stage

Height Adjustable & Tiltable Black Music Stands

Approximately 82 Height Adjustable Solid Back Music Stands.

Stands are not numbered.

Folding Choral Risers

6, Three Step Wenger Signature Choral Risers, grey carpet, black trim.

Risers latch into each other to make a semicircular arc.

Can be folded up for storage and unfolded quickly.

Each riser is 6 feet wide, no side rails available.

We do NOT have siderails as pictured here.

Acoustical Shell

7 Panel Wenger Travelmaster Shell in white.

Does not have storage cart, Ladders required for assembly, WATCH YOUR FINGERS!

Adjustable height from 9 feet 4 inches to 12 feet 2 inches. 

Width of each section is 40 inches, fully assembled with all 6 sections is 20 feet wide.