At a Glance

Backstage right you will find a locked wall mounted rack. Inside the rack is a Yamaha TIO Stagebox with 16 inputs and 8 outputs. This stagebox connects to the network for sending and receiving audio signals via the Dante protocol. Installed in Febuary 2024 this greately improved or oustage capacity and flexability. 

By default inputs 1-16 are routed to the Yamaha TF5 mixer's inputs 1-16. Operators can switch between the anlog inputs and Dante inputs on the mixer itself. Inputs 1-16 also go to the Yamaha TF Rack mixer for events such as school board, town halls, and auxillary mixing. The TF Rack is permanetly setup for the backstage stagebox on Dante on Inputs 1-11. Analog inputs can be patched using the patch panel on inputs 12-16. 

Switching to the Stagebox (Dante Inputs) Yamaha TF5

Switching Inputs 1 through 16 to the stagebox is on the Yamaha TF5 is a very simple process.

Repeat these steps for each required channel. Repeat these steps but tap 'INPUT' on the input screen to switch back to the TF5's local XLR input.