Old School Cool

NOTICE: All Photos shown below are of OLD, RETIRED, AND INACTIVE equipment and does not represent the current state of the auditorium.

This part of the site is for us gearheads.

Credit to Mr. Jaques for taking these photos through the years.

This video recorded for the BHS News in 2003 shows when the Auditorium control booth was also used for BHS News's technical operations. At the time the studio was across the hall and long audio and video cables connected the two rooms together. 

This video shows when the auditorium and auditorium riser room was used as the set for BHS News in 2001.

Now we are going way back. At 7:57 you can see video of the Auditorium being constructed. 

Original Line Diagram 1997.pdf

The original wiring diagram from 1997. However the wiring in the auditorium has changed significantly since then.