Utility Lighting

At a Glance

The Auditorium has several utility lighting system for aiding in the maintenance and setup of the auditorium. Large work lights in the house (I call them pancake lights), work lights backstage, catwalk lights, and control booth lights.

Pancake Lights

The pancake lights are the large circular shaped lights that are mounted right on the auditorium roof. Unlike the house lights they do not dangle down and are designed to provide total uncompromised lightning in the auditorium. This is useful for cleaning the auditorium or setting up equipment in the house. These lights take time to warm up however so give them time to power on.

You can turn them on with the light switches found at the stage managers podium. They are the two switches on the left and labeled "BIG LIGHTS LEAVE OFF" To prevent the pancake lights from accidentally being switched on the two switches are covered with a metal plate.

NOTICE: These are NOT for lighting the auditorium when there is an event, use the Lighting Presets or Stage Lighting instead.

Pancake Lights pictured warming up

Work Lights

These lights are use constantly when working on stage, setting up set pieces and props, and doing work in the stage area. These lights turn on instantly and there are two switches for them. One at the stage managers podium on stage right, and the other by the projector screen switch on stage left.

NOTICE: These lights are NOT TO BE LEFT ON DURING A SHOW that would be considered an epic fail in every case.

Booth Lights

The Auditorium control booth has two lighting systems. One is a traditional on and off LED lighting system and the other is a warm lighting dimmer system. When working on equipment and the control booth use the LED lights to get the most lighting coverage. However when there is a show, rehearsal, or even going on turn them off and switch to the dimmer lights instead. Dim them lower if it is a theater show.

It is also a tradition during the end of theater shows to semi-aggressively dim up and down the dimmer lights in the booth during applause at the end of a show. This is done ONLY AFTER the cast bows and points up at the booth.

Catwalk Utility Lights

This is the weird one. Both catwalks have lights that be switched on when working up there, they hang kind of low so watch your head. However only the lights on catwalk 1 work for some reason. I am working to figure out why and fix this issue. To switch the work lights for catwalk 1 on go into either the riser room (large set and AV storage) or small prop room and find the light switch next to the sailor's stairs. The lights will illuminate Red.

Remember to turn them off immediately after use otherwise it gets hot up there.