Because the auditorium is a shared space, we do have rules. 

General Policies:

Rule of thumb: Book the space a two weeks at least two weeks in advance!

Theater & Advanced Policies (Click to Expand):


BHS Auditorium policy does not allow your own A/V Tech's to operate BHS Auditorium equipment. Your A/V Techs may not step foot in the control booth. This is per Bow School Board Policy KF-R, Page 2, Auditorium.

If you need A/V tech's you must specify in your request forum.

School Board Policies:

The auditorium is subject to school board policy's. Anyone looking to use the space who is not a member of Bow School District staff must read over all of the following policies regarding the space.

Bow School District Policies Relating to the Auditorium, Click on Each Button to view: