Stage Lighting

Catwalk Lights

If you have been given clearance to adjust lights for your event or show keep in mind that there are only a hand full of lights on the catwalk that can be repositioned. 

Lights 26, 29, 30, 32, and 33 are the only lights can repositioned, gelled, or filtered. This group of ETC Source 4's are located in the middle of Catwalk #2 and their specifications are as follows:

Stage Overhead Lights

Above the stage you will find a diverse group of lights to use. The down stage lights feature four PAR 64 lights, and several other smaller lights. Across all three lighting bars are DMX Controlled LED lights. These fixtures face downward. Jumping back to the Upper Stage lighting bar you will find more can style lights, two ETC Source 4 lights, and the aforementioned LED lights. The CYC Curtain also has a set of four lights to change the color of the backdrop. These lights can not be changed.

The Following Lights Can be changed & moved:
57, 55, 54, 46, 44 (All Par 64 Fixtures)

ETC Element Lighting Console

While this page will not give you a deep dive into the operation and programing of this unit it will give you a general overview for submaster operation. For an more in-depth guide to this console contact BHS IT.

Power on the console by removing its cover and pressing the circular button on the top left corner of the console. Check that its two computer screens are on as well. Their status light will glow either Orange or Green if they are on.

Once the console has fully started you will notice several green LEDs light up. These correspond with the submaster fader bars. Think of each submaster as a pre-programmed group of lights. Each of these groups, or submasters is setup to control a series of lights in unison. 

By moving the submaster faders up and down you can dim each submaster to your liking.  You may also add color by using the LED or CYC Submasters.

Powering off the ETC Element Lighting Console

Use the computer mouse to navigate to the bottom right section of the left computer screen. Scroll down to power off console, and follow the prompts. Click shutdown again when the launch menu opens. 

DO NOT: Power off the console by pressing and holding the power button.

The lighting console can be very intimidating so do not hesitate to ask for assistance. 

Do not modify any of the settings, menus, windows, or submasters without permission from BHS IT.