Intercom - Wired

At a Glance

The auditorium uses an RTS (Formerly Telex) Audicom system. This system uses the same technology found on a land line telephone, hence why the audio quality is poor and subject to interference. Regardless it gets the job done. The system is referred to as a party line intercom as everyone on the headset shares one of two channels. 

The image on the left shows an example of how a party line system is wired. 

The auditorium has two intercom channels similar to what's shown on the left, Channel 1 and Channel 2. Recently the intercom was changed so now both channels can talk to each other essentially creating a single channel. Now you can plug into either intercom jacks one or two and talk on the same channel. This can be changed back to two channels however most of the time only a single party line channel is needed.

There are also various wall mounted intercom panels throughout the band wing and old ticket booth (now Mr. O'Connell's office). These do in fact work, but their use is rare.

The Wired Intercom is patched into the wireless intercom.

Remember, multiple people can talk on the system at once.


The auditorium has a supply of wired beltpacks and headsets which make up the intercom. These can be connected straight into the wall or daisy chained into each other.

Looking at the bottom of the beltpacks you will find three connections. The connection in RED is the headset plugs in, the connection in GREEN is where the beltpacks plug into the wall. the connection in YELLOW is where you can connect or 'daisy chain' another beltpacks.

Looking at the top on the far left you will see a volume control, then a 'Call' button and lastly a 'Talk' button. The talk button is what allows you to speak over the intercom. You can activate it by pressing and holding while you speak similar to a walkie-talkie or two way radio. This is ideal to cut down on background noise from getting into system while no one is talking. The button can also be quickly pressed and released to 'latch' the talk button allowing you to speak without pressing the talk button. This means your microphone on your headset is on all the time.

Master Station

Located in the upper left rack in the control booth is a rack mount intercom station with a few more features. However to keep things simple we will only discuss what's needed to talk on the intercom and nothing more.

Upon connecting a headset into the master station you need to tell the master station that you have connected a headset into the panel. To do this press the button labeled 'Headset' until it turns green. 

Now select the channels you would like to listen to and talk on. Lets say in this case you want to listen to Channel 2. Press and release the 'Listen" button under Channel 2. 

However, because the two channels are now bridged to each other you only need to select talk and listen on one channel to talk on both Channel 1 & 2.

The talk button on the master stations operate the same way they  do on the beltpacks.

To adjust the volume turn the black rotary knob on the master station

Beltpack Locations

Beltpack Intecoms are almost always located in the following locations:

Beltpacks are often connected at the spotlight station, stage right, and more can be connected in the control room

Areas circled in Red are intercom connections

Wall stations

There are 4 intercom wall stations around the auditorium located in the:

These intercom panels have wall mounted speakers and microphones for you to talk into. You may also connect a headset to these wall panels if you so choose. 

Currently the Band Room intercom panel is damaged, you can only listen on it. However because the intercom panel in the Ticket Booth will likely never be used again, there is a plan to swap the ticket booth and band room intercom wall panels.

Other Information & Good Practices

The intercom system in the auditorium is very finicky so its best to take care when using it.

Ensure that you connect a headset to the beltback before connecting the beltpack to the wall. In the opposite case make sure you disconnect the beltpack from the wall before disconnecting the headset.

If the intercom is not working make sure that the Pyle power unit is switched on. This will be the big red switch in the top right rack. 

If you hear a strange faint but noticeable buzz or tapping sound throughout the intercom system make sure that your cell phone is not too close the intercom beltpacks. This is because cell phones upon extreme close range or contact to intercom beltpacks will cause audible interference.

Remember, that while you are talking on a headset others in the surround area may hear you speak especially during a show or event so be careful to speak softly or only when needed. Furthermore while the intercom is on anyone can walk up to turn the speaker volume of one of the wall and hear your conversations.