Follow Spot

At a Glance

The auditorium has an old but still good Altman Comment Follow spot. This is often referred to as a 'spotlight' but that is incorrect as a 'spotlight' indicates that it is stationary. The follow spot is located in the back of the house to the stage right side of the booth. It plugs in there and is tucked away when not in use.

The follow spot has seen heavy use in its lifetime so treat it with respect and care 100% of the time.

The follow spot is available by request only and requires training to be used.

Powering On & Cooling

While using the projector is on, you MUST MUST MUST run it with the fan on at all times. This is because the bulb gets extremely hot and will either melt or burst. So when turning on the follow spot turn on both of the switches shown in the picture.

You must also run the fans for at least 5 (10 minutes after prolonged use) to cool not only the bulb but the entire follow spot.

WARNING: Do NOT open the follow spot while it is on. Not only will light leak out but you are also at risk of getting burned.

The Controls

Moving on from the power controls you may notice a series of large levers both on top of the follow spot and on the front right side. The diagram shown here shows what each level is called.

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