Intercom - Wireless

At a Glance

The auditorium uses an EarTec UltraLITE wireless intercom system. It consists of a wireless base station to connect the system together and an interface unit to connect to the wired system.  Headsets are fully self contained and do not use a belt pack.  There are two wireless headsets connected to the system as most users have no need for a wired intercom (operators in the booth & follow spot operator for example). The ideal users for the wireless intercom is for the stage manager(s).

Remember, multiple people can talk on the system at once.

8 Headsets are shown, we only own 2.


Upon inserting the battery with the arrow facing towards you, the headset should turn on, the power light will start flashing blue or hold a solid blue. If the intercom does not turn on press and hold the power button between and above the volume buttons. As you adjust the volume you will hear audible tones as you increase or decrease the volume.  To mute your microphone simply flip the microphone up and two the middle in its 'stored' position. 

The headsets have an adjustable band on both sides, take care when adjusting them.  

When you are done using the headset place it back in the wireless intercom drawer with the battery removed and in the charger, the microphone should also be in the 'stored' position. Do NOT leave batteries in the headsets.

Master Station

The master station, located on the catwalk is powered from the wall but it can be powered off battery. The master station will remain on at all  times. If you need to turn on the master station or re-start if for whatever reason make sure that you turn the  volume control up (to the left) until it stops. Also press the conference button so that the LED is luminated. 

Do not move the master station, its location is ideal for the 1.9GHz signal to travel around the auditorium. 

Battery Charger

Located near the drawer on top of the video PC is a battery charger. Batteries should remain in the charger when not in use and NOT in headsets.  Batteries should be placed in the charger slots with the arrows facing down and towards you. The LED light next to the charging slot will turn red when charging, green when done charging.

Leave the charger in the booth at all times.

Wired Intercom Interface

Located adjacent to the master station is a wired interface. This interface connects the wireless intercom to the wired intercom and vise versa. One end connects to the headset jack on the master station and the other end to the wall panel for the intercom. The interface has knobs on it to allow for volume adjustments, however the knobs shown in the picture should remain in the displayed configuration as it has been optimized and balanced between the two systems.

Photo will be here eventually

Other Information & Good Practices

If the wireless intercom is not talking to the wired intercom make sure that the Pyle power unit is switched on. This will be the big red switch in the top right rack. 

If you hear a strange faint but noticeable buzz or tapping sound throughout the intercom system make sure that your cell phone is not too close the intercom belt packs. This is because cell phones upon extreme close range or contact to intercom belt packs will cause audible interference.

Remember, that while you are talking on a headset others in the surround area may hear you speak especially during a show or event so be careful to speak softly or only when needed. Furthermore while the intercom is on anyone can walk up to turn the speaker volume of one of the wall and hear your conversations.